Live Events: Terms & Conditions

01. Introduction

These are the terms and conditions of Capcha Events.

A copy of our terms and conditions (or a link to this page) will be sent to you at the time of booking and we ask that you read them carefully before confirming your booking and paying your fee advance*.

If you have any questions about anything on this page then please do not hesitate to contact us on 


02. General

Please read carefully our terms and conditions document which applies to every booking that Capcha Events take. All conditions apply to the capcha events and/or the client.

Our terms and conditions have been designed to offer protection and peace of mind to all parties and to ensure the safety of the band, the client and all guests and customers. 


03. Complaints  

In the event of a dispute or complaint from the client this should be disclosed at the time of the event however, if this is not possible all complaints must be made in writing and forwarded to us via email to within 28 days of the event. A response to the complaint will be given to the client within 14 days of receipt.


04. Photographs of the event and the performance

We appreciate that during the performance and the event that photographs may be taken of the event, we ask that where this is the case photographs are only used for personal use (to include social networking sites) and are not used for commercial reasons without permission. We also ask that any photographs taken of the event and which are used on social networking sites/blogs do not represent the event in a negative manner or in a manner that would damage the events reputation.

Where photographs are taken of the event by a professional photographer we again ask that they are not used for commercial reasons without the permission of the event  management team. We always appreciate been given copies of professional photographs and we will use these appropriately as agreed with the photographer.


05. Use of Images taken at your event by Band Photogrpaher

The events photographer accompanies them at nearly every event that they perform at and also events where the client has requested this service. Capcha events and photographer reserve the right to use any of the images taken at your event for promotional material.


06. Cancellation/Refund 

All Bookings are final and customers are not entitled to a refund unless the cancellation is on our behalf.

Should we cancel the event you will be entitled to a full refund and you will be contacted in regard to this.